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    Using buttons on a Tag

    The first thing about art that you learn is that mistakes are as common as the successes. I don’t even like to call it a mistake because sometimes its just a different path that you didn’t plan on taking. With mixed media, this is especially true.

    I love making tags, all kinds of tags. I’ve used tags for my art journal, as well as using it on a book cover. Recently, I used a very small tag from a clothing item. I painted it and embellished it with feathers. Then I added a lovely button that I thought would be perfect. It was about an inch in diameter and had white swirls like bicycle’s spokes. It looked great but I like to add some bling to a project. I placed a rhinestone in the middle of the button and thought it looked great. But then I realized that it looked like an eyeball. I sent a picture of it to my sister. Boy, did she get a good laugh out of my so called “mistake”. We both laughed about it! But I wasn’t sure on what to do.

    After a few days, it occurred to me that I just needed to add more buttons. Angie suggested adding 2 more so that it would make 3 total. Of course I knew about this. When it comes to adding more of anything, odd numbers are visually more attractive. So I added the buttons and viola! It looked so much better. Now it doesn’t look like some weird eyeball staring at me!