• Angie making art journal pages

    Why not learn something new?

    Have you ever thought about learning something new, something you have not tried before? Learning a new craft can be fun and exciting.

    I am such a Pinterest geek! I used to spend hours almost every day on my iPad, looking for new ideas, or information on how to make something that would be fun and easy to learn. I have been painting with acrylic paints and with watercolor paints for several years. I used canvases, watercolor or acrylic paper, and I have always enjoyed it, but the canvases were starting to pile up in the house!

    But I wanted something more!

    I saw blogs about art journaling, and I started to wonder, is that something I would like? I didn’t really know what was involved in art journaling. How do you do this anyway?

    I started watching YouTube videos of people doing art journaling and I was intrigued. I was inspired by the art that others were doing. The creative wheels in my head began to spin. I like this! I was hooked. I realized that this was something I wanted to share.

    Every time I completed a page, I would send it to my sister Janine. She then, also began to do art journaling, and we have been enjoying this craft together ever since. It’s been about eight months now, but I feel like I have been at it for years because I enjoy the freedom of expression that comes with art journaling. And because I have 13 grandkids, this is a way to enjoy more arts and crafts and sharing great memories together.

    There are some really good reasons to start art journaling:

    • You can do it really cheap-it’s very inexpensive to start out.
    • You do not have to be an artist! Really, I mean it!
    • There are no set “rules”- do it however you want.
    • It’s easy to find inspiration. Just ask me or Janine!
    • It’s relaxing!
    • its so much fun!

    Angie working on some art journal pages at our scrapbook crop!

    So now that I have shared with you about my love for art journaling, are you ready to give it a try? Even if you are not sure if you would like it, just check it out. Look us up on Instagram @amatte1963, or @jannanq, we post our art work there also. And please comment below, and let me know what you kind of arts and crafts you like. I’d love to hear from you. And please check back with us, because we are very soon going to start making available a weekly newsletter, full of fun ideas and tips on different arts and crafts! Till next time!

    Two pages that I painted on and then added stickers and tape